How to install APK on your Chromebook?

Last Updated On October 30, 2021

How to install APK on your Chromebook?

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Is it possible to install an APK on your Chromebook? Now you can do that, and it’s possible to do this in no time. You still need to set up some things and customize the process to make it work. But the potential is there and you can get some amazing results for what it is. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to just give this a try for yourself, and the experience itself can be a very good one. Let`s see how to install an APK on your Chromebook.

Learn how to set up ABD on the Chromebook

In order to do this, you must open the Settings and you must turn on Linux (beta) from the left menu. Once you set it up, you want to go to Settings/Linux/Develop Android Apps. Here you will need to enable the toggle for ADB debugging.

The reason you want to do this is because you need to enable debugging if you expect to install an APK on your Chromebook. Otherwise, it will not work. So yes, this process is extremely important if you are looking to have access to this option. Once you set everything as requested, restart the Chromebook. You will get an ADB prompt after the reboot, you just allow that and it’s all good.

In the terminal you want to execute:

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb -y

This will install the ADB platform tools.

Then run

adb connect

command to connect Android with Linux on the Chrome OS. Always allow the USB debugging.

In the System page you want to open the developer options and enable ADB debugging. You can run adb start-server if the permission is denied.

How do you install the APK on your Chromebook?

After the setup process above, you will need to download the APK and you must move it to Linux files. Open up the Terminal, and you can say;

adb install APP.apk 

You just have to replace APP with the name of your app. After that, you open the app drawer and you will find that app installed and ready to use.

The Chromebook offers you a very good and rewarding experience, it’s versatile and extremely easy to use. That provides a really impressive approach and it eliminates many concerns. With that being said, it’s also the simplest method you can use to install an APK on Chromebook fast.


We recommend you to use the steps above and ensure that you stick to them to make this process work. The initial setup can take a little bit, but overall you will find that everything works as expected. It just conveys a much better value and experience, and results will be second to none. It all comes down to understand the entire process and ensure you repeat it properly. After you prepare the ADB tools, installing an APK just takes a few seconds. And you are not limited to the amount of APKs you can install, which is the major benefit here.